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Since 2019, Danja Dobromyslov (@danjazzy) has grown a Instagram following over 10k people who are passionate to listen his original music. He is bringing his extraordinary ideas and unique humor into everything he does.

Currently he is the Teacher for Brass Instruments & PR Manager by the Central District of Berlin


Originally Moscow born, over the past 15 years, Danja took lessons from classical and jazz musicians including Stefan Tischler, Sergio Carolino, Jürgen Neudert, Marshall Gilkes, Juri Sobolev, Robin Eubanks and multiple others, who has influenced his personality. After years spent in Germany, Portugal and Russia he holds a Master Degree with a honor grade. 

He got his Big Band music experiences by playing with Jazzrausch BigbandOumuamua Jazz OrchestraNuremberg University of Music Big Band. Also he has worked by Nuremberg State Opera and Regensburg Theater

Since the beginning of his musical career, Danja writes pieces for Brass Instruments, Chamber Ensembles, Chamber Orchestras and Pop Bands. His goal is to make his listeners smile, feel inspiration through the extremely high level of instrumental performance and unique playing technique he creates.

DanjaZzy (Danja Dobromyslov) - Tuba

Ruben Giannotti - Trumpet

Fabian Timm - Bass

Johannes Metzger - Drums

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